Tracey Burge (pictured with her daughter Rose) lives in Wellington and spends her days working in family violence prevention. Having been a fan of the trademark Jason Lingard aesthetic for a few years now, Tracey has had an obsession with black her whole life.
What is your favourite thing about Jason Lingard’s clothing?

They are easy to wear. I can wear them to work, going out. Just very flexible garments, which is what draws me to this kind of style. I really like the ones that don’t need ironing. I hate ironing. I really like the way they, which just makes them really nice to wear.

Where were you bought up?

Liverpool in England. I moved over to New Zealand when I was 13, and came to the Wellington region. We lived out in Upper Hutt. It was a big change.

Do you feel it has had an impact on you as an adult?

I think the life I have now is very different to the life I had growing up. I really appreciate what I have, and if someone had said to me when I was 10 that this is what you would be doing as an adult, it wouldn’t have even entered my head.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

That’s interesting, probably from my children. I mean, they are all adults now, but with them growing up I kind of got to experience things I never thought I would. Like, one of my sons was really into surfing, so I traveled around New Zealand to surfing competitions. And then another daughter is a dancer, so I spent lots of time taking her to dance things.

What is your current fashion obsession?

It’s always been black, ever since I was a child.

Has it always been drapey or…?

From 15-20, I had a blue mohawk and wore dr martens, all the time. Wellington then, there wasn’t actually a lot you could do. There was a gay club called Doriens (SP?), it was 5 dollars to get in and you could drink as much as you wanted. So, we would all go there and then go to Claire’s night club with some amazing people like Derek Elvy. People were really focused on fashion, and not conforming. A lot of my friends were hairdressers, so I’ve had a lot done to my hair. One of my friends turned it into a fire, so red, and orange.

Have you lived anywhere else, apart from Liverpool?

I lived in Sydney for about 10 years. All my kids were born there.

Traditionally Australians wear a lot of colour, did you find you stand out quite a bit?

Yeah, it was hard going to the beach.

Has Instagram changed the way you seek out new fashion designers and styles?

No, not really. Mainly food to be honest. Oh, and tattoos. I just got my first one done by an artist who I found on Instagram called @brie_dots, and I’m looking at adding more soon!. She does some really beautiful work so I’m really looking forward to getting my next addition.

What music are you playing at the moment?

Dido has a new album out at the moment, which I really like. I’m also listening to a lot of Drake. I really like hip hop.

To finish, you’ve had a few cool overseas experiences, tell me a little about those.

I got the chance to go to the BAFTAs and the Oscars, so that was amazing. Definitely my number one highlight.

Photos: Bobby Corica

Styling: Darragh

Models: Rose and Tracey