"I’m still experimenting and I’m not sure what kind of art I’m going to do. But art school will give me the opportunity to explore that."
Lumin Shirt
Cait wears the LUMIN SHIRT from AW19

What do you do?

Well I’m in that little space between high school student and art school student. I’ve just finished high school and I guess I’m trying to let the world spin around me instead of trying to spin with it.

When did you decide you wanted to do art?

I guess I’ve always done art… I came fresh out of the womb doing art! Haha. It was always a path I was going to be on. I’m still experimenting and I’m not sure what kind of art I’m going to do. But art school will give me the opportunity to explore that.

So where did that drive to do art come from. Are your parents creative?

Yeah, well my Dad is a photographer, so I’ve been exposed to that. Although his practice is commercial, so it’s quite precise and perfect; which might not quite be me! But he still comes from that creative industry so the fact that I wanted to get into the arts has never been an issue. My parents are really great and they have always been super supportive when it comes to encouraging what I’m into.

And you always did art subjects at school?

Yeah I did. Which I don’t know if that was the best idea!

Why’s that?

Art subjects are so full on, it’s just so much work. People don’t realise how much really goes into those high school level art subjects. It’s not just memorising a few things and writing some essays; there’s just so much more time involved. It sucks up your personal time… but you know what that’s cool, my art time is my personal time, I can’t complain about it!

Dystopia Tee

When it comes to fashion, how would you describe your ethos or style?

Well, I guess some days I’m a Wuthering Heights/Kate Bush morning mountain person who hangs out with goats, haha, and then other days it might be something like Gloriavale meets bondage club; it’s just constantly mixed-up and ever-changing. I guess that says something about me. I guess fashion to me is almost like playing different characters, you know? Different vibes and different moods.

Have you always been into fashion?

Nah… when I was younger I’d just wear tracksuits and stuff or whatever was comfortable. But I guess when my interest in art started to bloom and flourish I found it kinda goes hand-in-hand. Fashion is just another vehicle to express yourself.

Who are some of your favourite designers?

It’s hard to answer that when you’re a broke student! You can’t really subscribe to the whole designer fashion thing, well in the manner of actually buying stuff. you’re an Op Shopper?

Yeah, definitely. I love the Dove Shop! The great thing about secondhand shops is that not only are you up-cycling, you know saving the Earth, no sweat shops blah blah... but you also just get the coolest, random shit!


Who would you consider a “style icon”... or even a “creative icon”?

Björk. Definitely Björk.


You know, it’s kinda that element of childlikeness and just not being constrained by like… societal stuff, gender, even being a human! I love how she presents herself; like now her aesthetic is quite alien but also linked to the natural world; and then in the past she’d explore gender and race and subcultures but in a way no one else was doing it, and so ahead of her time. She’s so otherworldly but then also so connected to the earth. It’s hard to explain. I also love how she melds different artforms together… like I have haven’t chosen what discipline I want to work in so it’s inspiring to see you can kinda jump between them all.

So what next for you?

I’m off to art school, I’m really looking forward to that and just exploring and finding my place in the world. The possibilities are endless.

Photos: Sacha Stejko

Styling: Enisa Kartal

Model: @stunnnedmullet