Darragh is a marketing student from Wellington. Darragh credits a few years growing up in Japan for his love of darkwear, and the Jason Lingard aesthetic. He talks to us about growing up (a little) and his favourite Jason Lingard piece.
Darragh wears the NICKS JACKET from SS20
Tell me about your childhood, where did you grow up?

I was born in New Zealand but spent a few years in Japan at Primary School.

Would you say this has had an impact on who you are as an adult?

I guess it has made me more accepting of difference than I might have been. My school was not massive, and I was one of the only foreign kids there. Japan has a very homogenous culture, meaning I stood out. I also think it has had a big impact on my cultural identity, that whole third culture kid thing, and even my love of dark, drapey clothing :)

You were a hairdresser, now you’re at university studying marketing. Why the shift?

To be 100% honest, I felt like I was losing my Japanese proficiency so I looked at ways of taking it as a minor. I had planned to move to Berlin, and live “that life” (for very toxic, hedonistic reasons now that I look at it in retrospect)… and then one day when I had just turned 23, I had this weird mind shift and my priorities changed completely. I realised if I moved I wouldn’t get much chance to speak Japanese at all, and would most likely lose it. So I looked at what was really important for me and retaining that language was the first thing I could think of. It’s weird cause it was kinda the first “adult” decision I’d made, less hedonistic living in the moment, and more looking at my future and where I want to be. That process of really getting to know yourself.

Darragh wears the KINDERFIELD JACKET from AW18
So where do you see yourself going now if not to Berlin?

I plan on doing my Masters in global marketing, hopefully at a Japanese University. Whether that happens to be in English or Japanese I’m not sure yet but I really would like the personal challenge of doing it in Japanese. From there, I have big plans… so watch this space!

Describe yourself in 5 words.

I’m all over the show…..? That’s 5 right? I find this question really hard because I don’t think my personality is stagnant enough for me to actually figure out 5 things that ‘define’ me.

How did you hear about Jason Lingard?

I met Jason in 2014 when he launched his label at NZFW. I ended up doing hair for him a few days later for his first look book for ANTI.

Darragh wears the  NICKS JACKET from SS20
Favourite Jason Lingard piece?

Probably my leather jacket. It was one of the original leathers Jason did, and the shape, construction and fit are just all incredible. I’ve had it nearly 5 years now and it still looks brand new!

What do you love about the Jason Lingard label?

For me, quality is a big factor in choosing to buy with certain designers over others. It’s the way things sit, the way the fabric lies, is the stitching straight. It sounds picky, but I guess I have a very keen eye for details like that, and if something is wrong, it doesn’t feel right on me. This is why I love Jason, because his garments are so well made, and like my leather jacket, last for years!

Photos: Bobby Corica