"I remember most of my costumes I’ve danced in
through the years and my mother has kept my very first tutu."
Cat wears the LUMIN SHIRT from AW19
I met you through dance; you danced in my NZFW show and were AMAZING. Tell me a bit about your background in dance? and also your own personal dance practice.

Thanks I really enjoyed being part of your beautiful show. My background in dance started at the age of 5, I eventually went on to train full time at 16 at The National School of Ballet. My goal was to become a professional ballerina but injury took that dream which was devastating at the time. I left dance for good at around 20 when I just couldn’t face dancing and not doing it as a career. I went on to study performing arts and media. I didn’t dance again until 5 years ago when my friend Lara Liew offered me a role in Dynamotion. From there my love for dance came back and I have enjoyed performing professionally over the last few years.

You also paint? and have kids, and own a business with your partner? Tell me a bit about those things? How do you juggle it all and keep your sanity and creativity going?!

We juggle it all ok, it’s taken years to really find our feet with managing home and kids and business. My husband works like a machine in his business, he now has 3 cafes here in Auckland and it’s pretty full on for him all the time. I paint and do my illustrations and photography on the side when I can. Our girls are 10 and 6 and have their own interests now which includes surfing so there are many beach trips which spur my creativity as well. 

You have flirted with the fashion industry a bit, would you say you are quite into fashion? tell me about that and your relationship with fashion?

Yes I’ve always loved fashion and enjoyed making my own clothes as a teen as well as op shopping.  After I left ballet school I worked in a fabric shop in Dunedin until Margi from Nomd offered me a job at Plume. I then went on to work in high end fashion retail for Zambesi, Issey Miyake, Cose Ipanema, Husk and Drop Dead Gorgeous. 

Cat wears the ETHEREAL DRESS from AW19
Do you think there is much of a link between dance and fashion?

I definitely think dance and fashion are intertwined in each other. On stage costumes help create the mood and feel for your character. Dance draws on everyday life in many ways and sometimes costumes can just be a very simple outfit you’d see on the street to the very extravagant highly embellished creations adorned with crystals which I can imagine you could also see prancing down the road.

I remember most of my costumes I’ve danced in through the years and my mother has kept my very first tutu.

How would you describe your personal aesthetic?

Sustainable and well made is a big part of my personal everyday and style aesthetic. I probably always look a bit unkempt with a mix of vintage pieces and my favourite labels. A bit chic a bit tom boy if that’s even a thing? 

What inspires you in your dance practice and/or other creative work?

I find inspiration in many things and people. I have many friends who do amazing things. Some of my favourite people are super creative forces in their own fields as well as amazing mothers. Being older I’m so thankful for the beautiful work I’m offered from very talented choreographers and that my body is strong and powerful to bring their visions to life.

So, what next?!

Well I imagine I’ll be surfing with my kids and spending quality time with my family as much as possible. 2020 I think I have Mary Jane O’Reilly’s ballet Giselle as well as Lara Liew’s Death, Disco, Heartbeat and of course Dynamotion will be doing something exciting during the year! Watch this space!

Photos: Sacha Stejko

Styling: Enisa Kartal

Model: @catvspencil